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Difficulty swallowing medications can lead to non-adherence and complications, both in and out of the hospital

Imagine the potential impact on hospital readmissions:

  • In a national survey, 14% of adults who reported difficulty swallowing pills said they had delayed taking a dose of their medication and 8% had skipped a dose completely.

  • Poor medication adherence results in 33% to 69% of medication-related U.S. hospital admissions at an estimated cost of $100 billion annually.


Introduce patients to Phazix in the hospital and encourage them to continue using it after they leave.



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Product: Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel Single Dose Stick Pack 0.27 fl oz (8mL)

Flavor: Vanilla

Carton Qty: 25

Case Qty: 4

Product #: 1110001

UPC 015482-: 11101-4

NDC 08317-: 1110-01

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