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When you hear your patients of all ages say they have trouble swallowing pills, offer them Phazix. It is designed to help swallow whole tablets, capsules and powders without crushing or mixing with food carriers, and can be used without water, unlike a pill swallowing spray.


As a new and unique swallowing gel

  • Phazix is a clear, moderately thick, slippery gel that is placed on a spoon with the medication and consumed in a single swallow

  • Phazix lubricates the mouth and throat to smoothly carry medication to the stomach

  • Phazix has an all natural, pleasant vanilla flavor and aroma to mask any unpleasant taste or smell of medications


Watch this video for a quick overview.


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Phazix   provides comfort and confidence. 

Learn more about how Phazix can help you bring comfort and confidence to those who struggle with swallowing medications.

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