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How does Phazix   work?


Phazix does not impact absorption rates and breaks down quickly in the stomach to maintain the therapeutic effect of the medication.

A single dose for smoother swallowing.

Simply place the whole tablet, capsule, powdered or crushed medication on a teaspoon, cover with Phazix and swallow.

1-2  In the mouth and down the esophagus: Phazix forms a strong bolus around the medication, guiding it down the throat and easing the swallowing process. Friction between the medication and esophageal lining is minimized.

3  In the stomach: Phazix is broken down quickly by gastric acid and does not affect the medication absorption rate. 

4-5  In the duodenum and bloodstream: The medication is absorbed and passed through the body via the bloodstream to targeted tissue the way it is intended by the manufacturer to deliver the full therapeutic effect.

6  Through the liver and kidneys: Phazix is excreted normally via bile, feces and urine.


Tips for Use

  • Phazix may assist with the swallowing reflex if chilled.

  • If using Phazix for the first time, try it first without tablets.


  • Store between 35-77°F (2-25°C).

  • Use Phazix within 2 months of opening the tube.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • For ages 2 and up.

  • For children ages 2 to 6, a maximum of 3 doses per day is recommended.

Do not use if cap seal is broken or missing.

Do not use if you cannot swallow independently.



Water, sugar, maltodextrin,carrageenan, potassium sorbate (preservative), calcium chloride, citric acid, natural flavor. 

Phazix does not contain gluten, common allergens* or gelatin.


IDDSI Level 3, Moderately thick. This consistency description coincides with the IDDSI levels for food and beverage preparation for people with swallowing difficulties. For more information on this, please visit


Phazix is a swallowing gel designed to help those with difficulty swallowing tablets, capsules, and powders.**

  • If you have questions about this information or this product, please contact ARKRAY.

  • Use only if physically able to swallow. To learn if Phazix is right for you, speak to a pharmacist.

  • Phazix does not require a prescription. 

*Contact ARKRAY for more information.

**When text refers to 'tablets and capsules,' it is referring to all medications or supplements in solid form including pills, tablets, lozenges and capsules, as well as pre-packaged powders. Phazix is not intended to be used with water soluble tablets, dispersible tablets, liquid medication, or liquid supplements.

Phazix   provides comfort and confidence. 

Learn more about how Phazix can help you bring comfort and confidence to those who struggle with swallowing medications.

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